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Spider Web Aesthetics

SPIDER WEB AESTHETICS Spider web is a face lift process with the rope method. It is an aesthetic procedure performed to make the skin look younger and more dynamic, without surgery. Spider web aesthetics renews and tightens the applied tissue. It puts the applied area in its desired new form and gives vitality to the skin of the area. Since there is no load on the threads in the Spider Web method, there is no possibility for the thread to lose its effect and the skin to fall again in a short time. In this technique, dozens of threads are threaded into each other at the same time, creating a special mesh under the skin, and thanks to this mesh, the skin appears tighter and fresher. SOME OF THE REGIONS WHERE SPIDER WEB TECHNIQUE CAN BE USED SUCCESSFULLY ARE: Facial drooping on the edge of the mouth, jaw line, nose edge and neck Wrinkles and dimples on the face Sagging in the arms, laxity in the inner legs, skin laxity in the breast after birth, laxity and sagging in the abdomen after birth. Although the Spider Web procedure does not require general anesthesia, topical or local anesthesia is applied to the area where the needles will be applied before the application, so that the patient does not feel pain. The patient can return to her daily life after the application is completed. Another advantage is that it protects the results for 2 years. It has an effect that lasts for at least 2 years, increasing up to 1 year.