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Fat Transfer to Breast

Fat Transfer to the Breasts Also known as autologous fat transfer, or fat grafting, fat transfer to the breast is an ideal way to create a moderate increase in breast volume while creating natural-looking and -feeling breasts. Autologous means it comes from the patient’s tissue, so the results are as natural as possible; it’s perfect for the woman who doesn’t want the hassle or complications that come with implants. You can choose to combine fat transfer with a breast lift or with a breast augmentation to refine the results. Since the fat is your tissue, there’s little risk of the fat being rejected or triggering a reaction. The basic idea for a fat transfer to the breast is simple enough; first, your surgeon extracts fat from places with extra to give, processes it, then introduces it into the breast through small, strategically placed injections. To acquire the fat, use a variety of modern liposuction systems; we tailor the choice of which to use to your body and desired results. The Hydrasolve tissue liquefaction liposuction system can achieve exceptionally smooth outcomes, as a fat extraction system that gently removes fat from the body without disturbing the surrounding tissue. This process ensures the fat is as clean and high-quality as possible. Other forms of liposuction we use are power-assisted liposuction and VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Genotime uses one of the most advanced fat processing systems in the industry. The purer a graft is, the more likely it is to survive; by relying on a completely enclosed, sterile, lipodialysis system, creates some of the most viable, most concentrated pure grafts for longer-lasting and predictable results and more efficient fat transfers.