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Bowlegs Aesthetics

Aesthetically, proportional legs are among the most important elements of external beauty. The alignment of the upper and lower legs becomes obvious not only in the clothes that expose the leg area but also in the models that cover the legs such as tights and trousers. Most people who experience this problem begin to suffer from loss of self-confidence in their social lives, while the summer clothes and beach costumes reveal the bowlegs they have. The difficulty of camouflaging the leg area and the bowleg problem which compromises the beauty of body is one of the most important aesthetic problems that keep people from having a comfortable life. What Is the Bowleg Problem? Although our legs are considered as limbs that only allow us to walk, they also complement the aesthetic body posture. The bowleg problem and the disproportion on legs is due to bone problems or incompatibility in fat distribution. There can be many reasons for the skewness of the bone in the legs. Today, the removal of skewness in the bones through a re-constructive method is very risky, and the patient experiences many problems during the recovery period. The reason for the unequal distribution of fat is generally genetic. This problem, which we can think of as the problem of regional fat deposition, may come to the fore with problems such as excessive fat deposition on the leg region due to weight gain or the weight gain at the upper or lower leg. How to Fix the Bowlegs? We use Cihantimur fat Transfer technique to solve the problems caused by bone skewness in legs or aesthetic problems that originate from fat distribution on legs. This technique helps to shape legs by simply transferring fat to the patient's leg, camouflaging the current skewness and all this process is completed without touching the bone that causes the skewness on legs. Thanks to the closed lipoid technique used in Cihantimur Fat transfer; fat is absorbed from the area where regional fat deposition occurs. The injected area has the ability to maintain volume for a long period of time, as the absorbed fat does not contact with air and retains its viability. This fat transfer, made to remove the bowleg, allows the patient have beautiful, form and symmetrical legs for a lifetime. The same technique also resolves disproportionate fat accumulation problems in the upper or lower legs of the patient.