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FUE Hair Transplant with PRP

What is FUE? Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method of hair transplantation is a least-invasive procedure that involves the removal of individual follicular units from the donor site of the scalp, and then implanting the harvested follicular units back into the area affected by hair loss. FUE hair transplantation requires a particular skill set by the medical professional performing it, which includes precision and accuracy in implanting the units, and this treatment provides phenomenal results, including a higher hair density, better and natural-looking hair, and most important of all no linear scarring. Combined FUE and FUT technique It is now possible to incorporate all the pros of both FUE and FUT Hair transplant techniques in a single procedure, which combines both the methods to get the best results. There are certain conditions where isolated FUE or FUT cannot treat. Thus the need for a combined and effective procedure arose. Combined FUE and FUT technique can be used on patients with the following conditions; If the patient does not have enough donor supply, the combined method of FUE and FUT is advised. Grafts are extracted from the parts of the scalp and the body where hair growth is experienced. Thus, a patient with weak hair growth and less supply in the donor region can get good results after the surgery. If the patient is suffering from advanced stage Hair loss, this technique can provide better results than any other Hair loss treatment technique. Grades of Norwood baldness often denote the extent of hair loss. There are seven grades of Norwood baldness. This treatment is generally suggested if the patient is suffering from a 6th grade or 7th grade Norwood baldness. If the patient needs a high-density Hair transplant technique, this treatment is ideal. This technique allows the surgeon to extract more than 4000 grafts, which provides for a more significant density of implants and more natural-looking hair.