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Mustache Transplant

What is a Mustache Transplant ? Mustache transplantation is the transplantation of hair roots in areas of the upper lip where no mustache grows. Hair roots to transplanted instead of mustache are obtained from neck as in the treatment of baldness. For this, the scalp strip of the neck is cut off from the top and sliced into individual hair roots. Later, individual hair roots are planted in the areas with lack of mustache. The transplanted hair roots maintain their pre-existing properties in the mustache are and hair roots continue to grow. Therefore, the trimming of the grown hair roots in appropriate intervals can be done during the mustache trimming. If the hair roots are transplanted very close to one another, they cannot be nourished. For this reason, the frequency of transplantation should be enough to feed them. Once hair roots have been transplanted, if hair starts to grow (4-6 months later) and there are any scattered mustaches areas, hair transplantation can be done again. Mustache Transplantation and FUE Method Problems such as scars, surgery scars, burn marks, exfoliation can almost be camouflaged with mustache transplantation. Serious identity changes can be experienced by beardless people through mustache transplantation. Only the FUE method should be applied in mustache transplantation, because the results in FUT method are not satisfactory. The hair roots which are obtained by tools with 0.6-0.7 mm. thickness should also be planted by the same 0.6-0.7 mm. thickness tools without any incisions on skin. By this, the duration for transplantation shortens and no roots will die as they do not wait for a long time. If the tips used are thin, no marks or indications about transplantation will remain on the transplanted area. Persons will determine the limits and frequency of transplantation by themselves. In general, when 1000 roots are planted to someone with no mustache, the beardless look disappears. However, if the beard is requested to be more frequent, than this number should be higher. When the beard transplantations are done with FUE, it will often has a natural view, whether frequent or scattered, and the hairdresser will not be able to perceive any transplantations. With FUE, hair roots are obtained at the desired amounts from the desired location, and transplantation is made on the determined mustache area with the natural angle. Mustache plantation should not be done by auxiliary staff, and the physician should do it by himself/herself as it is a significant issue.