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Hand Aesthetics

Hands are one of the regions in our body where aging is observed at most. Over time, problems on hands are experienced due to exposure to sunlight, to varying weather conditions and there are problems such as soft tissue loss under the skin, stains on the surface of the skin, scaling and skin thinning. Body beauty is a whole, in this aesthetic posture, it is possible to bring back the lost shape to your hands. In Geotime clinic, we bring solutions to the different problems that occur in the hands. These are called the Hand Aesthetics Who can have Hand Aesthetics done? • Those who experience aging on their hands • Those who suffer from weakening under the skin of the back of the hand • Those with worn-out and impaired hands • Those who have wrinkles and hardness on hand skin • Those with thin and deformed hand skin • Those with obvious veins on hand skin • Those suffering from bruising, red spot and stain problems